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Personal Training

 Our qualified staff of trainers will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. They will help develop a workout that will be designed to meet your personal needs.


Personal Training Rates:

1 hour session: $40 member / $50 non member*

4-pack - 1 hour sessions: $135 member / $170 non-member*

Valid for 3 months, can be redeemed with any trainer.


45-minute session:  $35 member/ $45 non-member *

4-pack - 45 minute sessions: $120 member / $ 155 non-member*

Valid for 3 months, can be redeemed with any trainer.


30-minute session:  $25 member/ $35 non-member *

4-pack - 30 minute sessions: $85 member / $ 120 non-member*

Valid for 3 months, can be redeemed with any trainer.


Group Training for 2-4 people:

1 hour session: $30 per member/ $35 per non-member*

45-minute session: $25 per member/ $30 per non-member*

30-minute session: $20 per member/ $25 per non-member*

Valid for 1 month, can be redeemed with any trainer.


*Non-member rates includes use of the facility for the day of the training session.

Purchased sessions must be applied to their specific session type (i.e., a 1 hour session cannot pay for two 30-minute sessions). 

Antioch Students receive 25% off all services.






Personal Trainers


Angela (Angie) Bogner - Returns to the Wellness Center 8/23/18. Welcome back Angie!

WLF Yoga Instructor; EHS Master Pilates Instructor; ASFA Exercise Specialist to Seniors; NASM Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Trainer.

Angela possess over 20 years experience in San Francisco’s booming wellness industry as a yoga instructor, pilates trainer, and senior exercise specialist.  Her diverse background and extensive qualifications makes her uniquely qualified to work with people of all ages and fitness levels, including: athletes, frail elders and clients rehabbing injuries. As a lifelong student of functional anatomy, Angela believes our musculoskeletal and nervous systems tell our life stories and contain vast reserves of intelligence. Her fitness philosophy is that form always follows function; balance training and core strength are a must; and exercise should be an enjoyable mind/body experience tailored specifically to each client’s need. Angela aims to provide clear muscular cueing, imagery, proper breathing and encourages her clients to form attainable goals.

To schedule an appointment with Angela, please call (415) 902-3752.


Doug Jewell
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Doug possesses over 30 years of fitness experience and competed as professional triathlete for five years. He employs extensive knowledge in physiology, kinesiology and anatomy; gained both as an athlete and through almost three decades of practice as a physical therapist assistant and licensed medical massage therapist. He is an expert at developing therapeutic and rehabilitative programs and demonstrates a unique ability to identify and address body mechanic or functional challenges that limit fitness progress or impact quality of life. Doug enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are an athlete looking to take your training to the next level; need rehabilitative guidance; or simply desire to improve your quality life through balance, posture awareness or cross training, Doug can set you on a safe, effective, and rewarding path to success.

To schedule an appointment with Doug, please call: 937.405.5508

Trevor Lowe

Operations/Fitness Room Manager at the Wellness Center

For over a decade, Trevor has made a career inside the health and wellness world as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, coach, and small business owner. With a strong background in anatomy and kinesiology, he will help you understand the importance of proper technique, build you an effective and efficient program, and help you progress on your path to wellness.

To schedule an appointment with Trevor, please call: 937.631.5883


Patti Mielziner 
ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Patti’s love of sports led her to a profession in personal training. Patti competed as a swimmer, competitive boxer, triathlete and golfer. As a lifelong successful athlete, Patti is a practitioner of Functional Movement Concepts. She is an expert at integrating FMC into training to mitigate biomechanical compensation, enhance athletic efficiency and reduce injury probability. As her client you will receive a postural and muscle strength assessment prior to beginning your exercise program. Her training program develops body awareness and proper muscle activation, improving postural balance and strength. Patti is available in the mornings, afternoon and early evenings Monday through Friday.

To schedule an appointment with Patti, please call: 808.651.8105



Katie Slanker 

BOC Certified Athletic Trainer

As a personal trainer, Katie has helped people achieve fitness and health goals since 2002 and she developed quite a following.  Her clients include: individuals seeking to integrate fitness into a busy schedule; clients with targeted fitness or physique goals for specific dates or important events; competitive endurance athletes; and clients who simply desire to increase energy and mobility to enjoy life or keep up with the grandchildren. Katie holds a BS in Health and Human Services with a major in Athletic Training/Exercise Physiology and a MAEd. Katie’s in-depth education, accompanied with her enthusiasm, make her a dynamic and effective personal trainer and group fitness leader. She provides the education, motivation and accountability you need to achieve your goals; but, most importantly she is just fun to train with! A quote from Katie: “I can't wait to show you how much fitness and healthy lifestyle can change your life!”

To schedule an appointment with Katie, please call: 937.631.9938



Kyle Truitt 

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Kyle is a lifelong resident of Yellow Springs with deep roots in the community. He has a passion for health and wellness and is a testament to the benefits of a fitness oriented lifestyle. With nearly a decade of athletic training, nutritional and sports related experience he is the perfect trainer for someone desiring to enhance strength, mobility, and endurance.  Kyle’s diverse fitness background and integrated approach to training provides him with a unique ability to help clients identify goals and then select the right program and tools to accelerate progress toward achieving them.

To schedule an appointment with Kyle, please call: 937.532.4277




Issa Walker 

FiTOUR Certified Personal Trainer

Issa is a native of Yellow Springs and if you grew up around here. You probably have heard of him. He demonstrated a gift for sports and athletics from a young age. His coaches were impressed with both his athleticism and leadership ability.  Issa moved his passion for athletics from the field to the classroom. He received a bachelor’s degree in biology and an MPH from Wright State University.  Keen on sharing his passion for health, wellness, and athletics with others, he became a certified personal trainer.  Issa has proven track record success and is a personal testament to the benefits of quality strength, functional, and cardio training. Whether you desire sports specific training or simply want to improve your cardiovascular efficiency and strength Issa will put you on a path to excellence.

To schedule an appointment with Issa, please call: 937.825.1822