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Policies & Procedures

The Wellness Center at Antioch College Policies & Procedures

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Types of Memberships

Standard: Use of the facility and a la carte weekly group fitness classes for $5 per class

Premium: Use of the facility and unlimited weekly group fitness classes. Group fitness classes are for ages 15 and up unless otherwise specified.

Individual: Persons age 15-61.

Household: Two or more people living in the same residence (may include college students who come home over breaks). Maximum two adults and includes dependants under the age of 24. Premium Household memberships include PlayWell childcare for children ages 3-11. 

Alumni: Discounted rate applies, following verification of alumni status through the Alumni Relations office.  If you are interested in applying for the alumni membership discount, please contact Alumni Relations at for alumni status verification. Provide your name, year of graduation, current address and phone number, and any other information you would like to provide. Alumni Relations will respond to you within 2 business days.  Once your status has been approved, Alumni Relations will notify you via email.  Please bring your notification receipt to the Wellness Center in order to activate a membership with the Alumni rate.

Antioch full-time faculty and staff: Current full-time employees receive a 50% discount off whichever membership level and type they choose. The initiation fee will be waived. This does not include individuals or companies who work as contractors for the College. 

Senior: Persons age 62 years and above. Discounted rate applies to a household when at least one head of household is age 62 or above.

Membership Rates
See membership brochure or membership webpage for current rates.

Financial assistance is available through the Joe Curl Scholarship Fund.  Application packets are available at the front desk or downloaded by clicking here. Contributions to the Curl Scholarship can be made in any amount at the front desk and are tax deductible.

Membership Payment Options
Monthly (recurring) Monthly charge to your credit or debit card scheduledon the same day each month for a 12 month term. Monthly payments are non-refundable and may be put on hold or discountinued with 30 day written notice provided by primary member (see Membership Hold/Termintation section) .  If you do not have a credit or debit card, a temporary prepaid card can be loaded at most convenient, grocery, and “big box” stores.  If a monthly auto pay is not successful, the membership will become inactive until the account payment has been received.

Annual (one time charge): A single, lump sum payment, for a discounted twelve month membership. Cash, check, credit or debit cards accepted. Non-refundable after 30 days.

One Month (stand alone): A single, lump sum payment, for a one month membership.  Cash, check, credit or debit card. Non-refundable after 48 hours. Senior and Alumni discounts are not available for this type of membership. 

Day Pass: Guests, ages 3 and up, can purchase a standard or a premium day pass.  All minor guests will need a parent or guardian to come in to the Wellness Center to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form on or before their first visit. We cannot accept waiver forms brought in by children alone or by third parties.  For those visiting from out of town, a form signed by a guardian and scanned and emailed to can be used in this case.

Initiation Fee: $45 Individual/$75 Household
This is a one time fee, as long as membership remains active, which covers administrative costs. If an expired membership lapses for more than 30 days, a new initiation fee will be charged when a membership is reinstated. Initiation fees are non-refundable.

Membership Key Tag: Each member age 3 and up will receive a membership key tag. All members receiving key tags will be photographed. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost cards. Memberships are non-transferrable. Any member lending a membership card will lose all membership privileges; should this occur no refund will be given.

Check-in: All persons entering the Wellness Center are required to check in upon arrival. As per our protection and evacuation policies, we are required to maintain a record of people entering the building. Those who do not have a membership are required to sign the visitors’ sheet or attendance roster.

Membership Holds
Membership Hold Form must be filled out 30 days prior to the next charge date OR 30 days prior to the hold date for annual members. Available at the front desk.
Membership hold duration must be at least one month, and may not exceed four months.
For annual memberships, membership expiration dates are extended to match the duration of the hold.
Members are permitted to hold a membership one time per year (based on the membership start date) with no charge. Subsequent holds will incur a $25 hold fee.
To hold a membership for medical reasons, a doctor’s note must be provided to waive the subsequent hold fee.
Monthly members can hold with billing cycle date, or billing cycle date will change to reflect requested hold date. For questions on this, please see the manager on duty.

Membership Termination

Membership Termination Form must be filled out 30 days prior to termination, by mail or in person. No faxed or phone terminations are accepted. We cannot be responsible for mail or e-mail that does not reach us. Please follow up with us to be sure we received your notification.
Monthly memberships require a 30-day written notice prior to next charge date. Annual memberships will be canceled 30 days after the written notice is turned in, or a later date specified on the form.

Any Membership can be fully refunded within 48 hours of initiation.
Annual Memberships are refundable within 30 days of start of membership. If the membership is terminated within the first 30 days of joining, the amount refunded will be the amount paid minus the initiation fee and the “one month only” rate for the type of membership purchased. There is no refund after 30 days.
Membership Changes or Upgrades
All changes in membership, including but not limited to upgrades, downgrades, and adding or subtracting family members, can be made by completing a Membership Change form available at the front desk.
For monthly and one month only memberships, all changes will take place on the next billing date unless the difference in price is paid for the current month.
For annual membership upgrades less than two months into the membership, the full year’s difference in price must be paid. If the member is more than two months into the membership and decides to upgrade, the difference will be prorated by the number of months left in the membership contract.

Facility Policies & Procedures
Schedules are posted throughout the facility and online for most of the spaces. Schedules are subject to change at anytime due to special Antioch College or community events. Members are welcome to use Studio A, B, or C if it is not in use. Please check with the front desk for availability.

Proper swim attire must be worn. This means a lined swimsuit. No street clothes.
No food or drink in the pool area, except for a non-breakable water bottle with a lid.
No swimming without a lifeguard.
No breath-holding activities.
Shower before you enter the pool (this rinses off soaps, lotions, and detergents that can interfere with our pool chemical balance).
No diving.
No running.
No horseplay.
No glass or gum permitted.
Starting blocks are only to be used with an instructor or swim coach during designated practice times.
No hanging on float lines or lap lane markers.
Enter the water facing forward.
Persons with bandages, open cuts, or contagious diseases (including diarrhea) are not allowed in the pool water.
Properly-fitted Coast Guard-approved life jackets are only allowed in water 5 feet deep or less. Water wings are not Coast Guard approved.
No other flotation devices are allowed in the pool (except those provided by the Wellness Center).
Lifeguard must approve all play toys and flotation devices brought into the pool area.
You must be 18 to use the therapy pool. Pregnant women are not permitted to use the therapy pool.
Please limit therapy pool use to 20 minutes.
Children 6 years of age and under must be accompanied in the water at all times by a parent, guardian, or chaperone 16 years of age or older, within arm’s reach. This rule applies even if the child is wearing a life jacket.
Children 7-11 years of age are permitted to use the pool as long as a supervising adult is observing them in the pool area.
Children 12-14 years of age are permitted use of the pool as long as an adult remains in the facility.
Children 14 years of age and under must pass a swim test to swim in the deep end.
Members 15 years of age and older have full use of the pool without adult supervision.
Children 2 years of age and under must wear swim diapers and plastic pants. All other diapers are prohibited in the pool.
During periods of thunder/lightning the pool will close and remain closed until 30 minutes after the last episode of thunder/lightning. All swimmers must clear the pool deck.
The lifeguard’s word is final!

Gym shoes and shirts are required at all times. Modest sports bras and tank tops are acceptable. Non-athletic shoes are prohibited. Shoes must be clean and non-marking, with a closed toe. Shoes that are never worn outside are required.
No food or drink with the exception of closed water bottles.
All schedules are subject to change at any time due to events. Scheduled gym times for specific activities such as basketball, pickleball, volleyball, etc. will be open to all unless otherwise posted.
During “open gym” times, activities are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please work cooperatively with other members and guests to allow for maximum participation and use of the facility. If someone is waiting to use a space you are using during open gym hours, please limit your game or activity so that others may have a chance to use the area, or invite them to join you.

Fitness Room
Gym shoes (closed toe, rubber sole)  and shirts are required in the fitness room and gyms. Shoes that are never worn outside are required. Modest sports bras and tank tops are acceptable.
AGE REQUIREMENT:  You must be at least 12 years old to enter and use the fitness room.  Children 12-14 must be actively supervised by an adult at all times when using equipment.  Members age 15 years and older may use the fitness room unsupervised.  MANAGEMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO ASK FOR PROOF OF AGE.
Follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to using safety clips or stops on free weight equipment.
Turn off, return, or replace equipment to its original condition when you are not using it, even temporarily. Re-rack weights after use in consideration of members who may not be able to lift the weights.
Please wipe down equipment with sanitary wipes before and after use.
You may NOT reserve equipment for your personal use, such as with a towel, sign, or note.
If you notice that any equipment is in disrepair, do not use it. Please report it immediately to a staff member.
The Wellness Center and Antioch College is not responsible for injuries sustained while using equipment, even in the event of equipment failure, malfunction or disrepair.
Chalk is not permitted in the weight area.
Please do not bring or set bags, clothing, or other items on the equipment or fitness floor. 
No food or drink, with the exception of closed water containers.
No dropping of weights.
Silence cell phones. Limit phone conversations.
Use headphones when listening to music.
Limit use of cardio equipment to 20 minutes during peak hours
Be aware of your gaze-try not to stare at people.
Only ask for spotting if you will be in trouble, not for help with reps. If you agree to spot, you assume some responsibility.
Allow people who are lifting the space needed to complete reps.
Please avoid strong perfumes, but deodorant is appreciated.
Be considerate of the volume and duration of your conversations.
No horseplay.
Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the fitness room if the rules are not being followed.

Locker Rooms
Members and guests under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times.
The Wellness Center is not responsible for personal belongings. Bring your own lock, hairdryer, personal hygiene items, etc. Items are not permitted to be stored overnight. If left on a locker overnight, locks will be cut and items placed in the lost and found.
An all gender/family locker room is located next to the women’s locker room. Access to the pool from the all gender locker room is at the east side glass pool doors (across from the basketball courts).

Age Requirements
Our goal is to provide a safe environment for children while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere for members and guests of all ages.
All minors (ages 17 and under) are required to have a liability waiver on file signed by a legal guardian, in person, prior to admittance.

Children ages:
15 and older are permitted to check into and be in the facility without an adult, and are expected to abide by all policies.
14 and under, must enter the facility and check in at the front desk with their designated supervisor (age 15+).
Children ages 12 - 14 must be directly supervised at all times except for the following two exceptions:
  -Pool, as long as their designated supervisor remains in the facility
  -East/Curl Gym, as long as their designated supervisor remains in the facility
Children ages 12 - 14 may also enjoy use of the Fitness Room, when actively supervised by an adult (18+). For the safety of the child, attendant must be readily able to respond and assist.
Children ages 11 and under must be attended by their designated supervisor inside and outside the facility at all times.

We do not have televisions or music throughout the facility, with the exception of group fitness classes or special events. We encourage you to bring your own personal music devices with ear phones.
Lifeguards may have music playing softly at the lifeguard stand.  Studies have shown that listening to music helps lifeguards maintain focus and attention. You may ask the lifeguard to turn this music off or down at any time and they will do this without question.


Weekly Group Fitness Classes
Unlimited access to Group Fitness Classes is available for Premium Members.
Standard members can pay $5 per class, per person.
Drop in with a Premium day pass for $15 (can attend unlimited classes that day).
Arrive at least 10 minutes early to class to allow time to check in at the front desk and settle into the class.
Check in at the front desk by scanning your membership card and receive a class pass from the attendant. Place the pass at the top of your mat for the instructor to collect or hand to the instructor for non-mat classes.
Out of respect for others, if you are late to class please wait to enter until you see movement. Participants may not enter later than 10 minutes after the scheduled class start time.
Participants must be 15 or older to attend classes unless the class is designated for those under 15.
Weekly Group Fitness Classes are limited in participation based on space and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Advance registration for group fitness classes may be made one day ahead of time online, at the front desk, or by calling (937) 319-0100.
Series and Workshops
These are additional programs that are for a set period of time and require registration and payment in advance. There are member and nonmember rates. In order to meet our financial obligations, including payroll to instructors, payment for services is required upon registration. Participants maintain responsibility for knowing program start and end dates. Participants maintain the responsibility to register for programs.  Assistance with registration can be provided in person at the front desk or by calling the Wellness Center at (937) 319-0100. Participants can also register online via our website.     

Those attending program classes must sign the program roster, and sign in at the front desk or scan in with a membership card.

Personal Training
We provide a staff of certified Personal Trainers who can help you meet your health and wellness goals. To schedule an appointment contact the front desk for trainer options and availability. All payments are made to the Wellness Center at Antioch College. We require 24-hour notice for cancellation of an appointment. Without 24-hour notice, the client will be charged for the appointment. If the client has a credit card on file at the Wellness Center, or if they have any sessions left on a pre-paid package, that credit card or prepaid package will be charged for the late cancel or no show. Otherwise, the client will be responsible to pay for that late cancel or no show before the end of the current month.

Session policy: Sessions will begin and end promptly as agreed between client and trainer and as scheduled in our appointment system.

Trainer no show or late cancellation: If a trainer cancels a session with less than a 2 hour notice, is more than 15 minutes late, or does not show, then the trainer owes you a complimentary 30 minute training session.

Refunds and expiration dates: No refunds are provided for pre-paid individual personal training sessions or on 4-packs. Sessions can be used with any of our Wellness Center trainers. In the case of documented medical reasons, the client may be credited the remaining amount to their Wellness Center account, or expiration dates may be modified.
Individual sessions expire 1 month from the date of purchase.
4-packs expire 3 months from the date of purchase. 
PlayWell  (supervised play for members and guests ages 3 to 11)

Fee is $3/hour or $15/month per child. Payment is required at check-in.
Two-hour maximum stay.
PlayWell participation is limited to space (maximum of six participants) and staff availability.
Parent/guardian must remain in the building. 
All participants must be toilet trained.
No snacks or beverages please, other than closed water bottles.
PlayWell staff will dismiss disruptive or uncooperative players.
Parent/guardian assumes full responsibility for all personal property.  No phones or electronic devices.
Participants should be dressed appropriately for active play.  Gym shoes are required.
The PlayWell schedule is subject to change based on staff availability and may not be available when Antioch students are on break between quarters. All cancellations or changes to the regular schedule will be posted on our website. Please check the website or call the front desk at (937) 319-0100 to confirm availability of PlayWell staff.

Program Refund Policies: Participants may cancel registration for a program session for any reason and will receive a full refund or credit under the following conditions:
The request for refund must be completed one week prior to the close of registration or one week before the start date of the program (whichever occurs first).
No refunds will be given if participant cancels less than 48 hours prior to the start date of a session.
If the Wellness Center cancels a program, participants have the choice of a full refund or credit.
The Wellness Center may postpone or cancel classes due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances such as evacuation and natural disaster. Classes cancelled due to such circumstances will not be issued a refund. All policies, fees, classes/programs and hours are subject to change without notice.
Swim lessons: If you must miss a swim lesson, you will need to notify the Aquatics Manager at (937) 319-0106 to arrange a make-up class. Missed classes must be made up on a regular swim night within the same month of the registration.

Hours of Operation & Closures

Hours of Operation
Hours may change with the seasons.
Please visit our website for current hours of operation.

Note: The Pool closes 30 minutes prior to facility closure

Holiday Closures and Modified Hours
The Wellness Center will be closed on the following days:
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
December 24
December 25 
December 26
December 31

Dec 23 & 27-30:  limited hours may be observed on the following days as staff may be limited due to Antioch College closure over winter break. 

Inclement Weather Policy
The Wellness Center follows Antioch College’s policy on inclement weather which states:  The College will be declared closed if there is a Level 2 or 3 snow emergency in Greene County. The College will also be declared closed if an extreme wind chill of -30 is advised in Greene County. Antioch facilities staff or Wellness Center staff may determine that a delayed opening is warranted if parking lots and sidewalks are unsafe. This delay will allow Antioch facilities staff time to clear sidewalks and parking lots to make them safe for patrons.
Check the website to verify delays, closures and cancellations:

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: During winter weather conditions, classes may be cancelled if the instructor is not able to make it in safely. Cancellations will be announced on our website at least 60 minutes prior to the start of class.
To see if a class is cancelled, visit: (click class schedule)
(Please note: this is the only place on our website that will indicate a cancellation.)

Lightning/Thunder: During periods of thunder/lightning the pool will close and remain closed for 30 minutes following the last episode of thunder/lightning. All swimmers must exit the pool deck.

Maintenance & Repairs
The Wellness Center may be closed at times for routine or unexpected maintenance. If the Center has to close for more than 3 full days, memberships will be extended OR prorated for the month. We will not issue refunds.

Standards of Conduct
The Wellness Center aims to create an environment where people feel safe and respected. Members, program participants or guests who participate in any of the actions/behaviors listed below may have their privileges to come to the Wellness Center suspended or terminated. This list is not all-inclusive.
Vandalism, malicious destruction of Wellness Center or member/participant property
Lending a membership card to a non-member or facilitating non-member’s entry to the facility through unauthorized means or entrances
Possession or use of weapons on Wellness Center property
Possession, use of, or distribution of illegal drugs on Wellness Center property
Use of profanity in the Wellness Center facility to staff or other members/participants
Disruptive behavior that would adversely affect the Wellness Center’s reputation
Verbal, threatening or physically abusive behavior to other members/participants or staff members
Disrespectful behavior to members/participants, guests, or Wellness Center staff
Use of alcohol or drugs at the facility or being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs while at the facility

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the Wellness Center, with the exception of events that have permission and permits to serve alcohol.  Additionally, the Wellness Center reserves the right to ask anyone suspected to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol/drugs to leave the premises.

Smoking is not permitted inside or around the exterior of the building (near doors, entrances, etc.) In addition to being a health-conscious facility, The Wellness Center is also a LEED certified building, which prohibits smoking in order to obtain certification.  Smoking is allowed in designated areas on campus only.

Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP)
As visitor of Antioch College and/or user of the Wellness Center, I verify that I have read, understood, and agree to uphold to the best of my ability the Antioch College Sexual Offense Prevention Policy.
The Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP) is a campus-wide policy of Antioch College that in summary states:
All sexual interactions at Antioch College must be consensual.  Consent means verbally asking and verbally giving or denying consent for all levels of sexual behavior.  Silence or no answer is never considered consent.  The use of alcohol or drugs to impair another is a violation, as is taking advantage of a person with limited mental ability. 
Non-consensual sexual behavior, verbal and sexual harassment, discrimination on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression is not tolerated at Antioch College.

Women’s Wellness Time
We honor Women’s only time for the entire facility one hour per week. This time dedicated to women and girls. Boys 3 and under are permitted. We also offer classes and programming for women at this time. See the current class schedule for times.

Please note the above policies are subject to change or modification at any time.